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Blazed Trees Marked “Dead Lines” During Early Range Wars

There are still dim blazes on pine trees of the Ochoco country that are reminders of the early range wars of Central Oregon.

Bend’s First Fire Announced by Gunshots in 1905

A man sleeping on a pool table in O’Kane’s Saloon in the small village of Bend was awakened in the early morning hours of April 27, 1905 by burning embers falling on him from the ceiling of the building.

House of Ill Repute Raided in Prineville in 1952

The Prineville police department, led by Chief Oliver Reeve, carried out a surprise raid at the Inland Rooms in Prineville in September 1952.

Kinzua, A Logging Company Owned Community

Logging and lumber mill operations in Wheeler county of North Central Oregon began to expand in 1927 when E.D. Wetmore founded the town of Kinzua.

Richmond was a Once Thriving Community that became a Ghost Town

Richmond is a small ghost town nestled between the breaks of the John Day River and Baldy Mountain.

Antone was the Center of Bustling Activity for Several Years

Antone was only a post office and a store located along Rock Creek between Mitchell and Dayville but it was at the center of early mining and logging operations in the vicinity.

Early Automobile to Bend Too Large for Grade in Cow Canyon

One of the first automobiles to arrive in Bend was purchased in Chicago in 1906 and shipped by rail to The Dalles.

Color Coded Roads Guided Drivers in Pioneer Days

Early automobile travel in Central Oregon was a true adventure as there was a maze of crossing roads and no traffic signs to identify routes All roads were narrow and rutted so it was hard to determine which road was a main road.

Local Cascade Peaks First Scaled in 1923

The summits of two peaks of the Central Oregon Cascades, Three Fingered Jack and Mt. Washington were first climbed on successive weekends in the summer of 1923.

Wetweather Spring, Waterhole was a Pioneer Drivers’ Haven

Wetweather Spring was located on the old wagon road south from Bend to Silver Lake and later to Rosland and LaPine.

Arnold Cave was the Source of Bend’s Ice Supply in Pioneer Days
Pioneer settlers in Central Oregon managed to harvest ice from frozen rivers and ponds during the winter months for storing of perishables and to keep beverages cool. But during summer months it was often difficult to procure ice.

Forest Fires Took Huge Toll in Early Days

Central Oregon has had numerous large forest fires over the years but until recently none were of conflagration type. Although large acreages burned the damages were mostly limited to the timber stands and natural resources.

Lynchings Lead to Opposition of the Vigilantes

Violence reigned supreme in Prineville just before Christmas in 1882. Al Swartz was killed by a shotgun blast in a local saloon on the evening of December 22 and early the next morning the bodies of two men …

Gold Discovered on Ochoco Mountains in 1871

Central Oregon had missed out on the early gold mining activity that had occurred in eastern Oregon, but in the fall of 1871 a gold discovery was made that created a short burst of mining activity.

Early Freighting was Often a Hazardous Occupation

Early freighters of Central Oregon were hardy men that managed slow plodding horse or mule teams over narrow, dusty, muddy and sometimes hazardous roads.

Bannock Indian War of 1878 Caused Panic in Local Settlers

The Bannock Indian uprising of 1878 created a tense situation that resulted in many outlying settlers of Eastern Crook County moving to the safety of Prineville and other communities.

Prineville Planing Mill Provided Finished Lumber for Many Early Homes

As early as 1878 attempts were made to establish a planing mill in Prineville and included construction of a water ditch to power a planing mill.

Prineville’s First Baseball Team

Prineville was one of the first communities to establish a baseball team in Eastern Oregon in 1890.

First Football Game in Central Oregon Played in 1911

Football was relatively unknown in rural Oregon in the early 1900’s but on a clear, cold and crisp day in the Fall of 1911 the sport was introduced to the frontier country of Central Oregon.

The Great Land Rush to Central Oregon

One of the last great land rushed for homesteading occurred in Central Oregon shortly after the turn of the century.

Christmas Tragedy at Silver Lake 1894

A large monument in the cemetery in the small community of Silver Lake, Oregon is a grim reminder of one of the worst tragedies in the State of Oregon.

Murder at Nicholson & Burmester’s Saloon in 1882

It was a cold night in Prineville on December 22, 1882 when a single gunshot fired through the window of Nicholson & Burmester’s Saloon ended the life of Al Swartz.

Sheep and Cattle War

In the year 1898 the Cascade Forest Reserve was created and during the first two years of its existence this Reserve was closed to grazing.

The “Ill-Fated” Cattle Drive of 1880

Cattle drives were not uncommon in Central Oregon prior to the turn of the century when the areas major industry was stock raising.


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  1. Are there any records from the Kinzua Pine Mill? ie Employees etc? I believe my maternal grandfather worked there and I would be interested in anything to verify that.

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